ReadingWe believe all students can be confident and successful readers, writers and critical thinkers. We believe that we have the responsibility to help students become motivated, independent learners who experience the joy of reading and writing for pleasure, the power of reading to find information and the competence to express ideas clearly through writing. We support programs where literacy is modeled, supported, and celebrated.

Helping children develop a love of reading and learning, no matter their ability level, is at the heart of what we do at Capstone. We value collaboration with public, private, and non-profit organizations where literacy is modeled, supported, and celebrated.

Capstone Literacy Center

Coughlan Companies Community Fund fully supports the Capstone Literacy Center, which is open to the public at no cost.

This outreach program helps struggling readers through an innovative and engaging new researched-based online teaching tool designed specifically for the Capstone Literacy Center called Capstart. Our goal is to build confidence while enhancing students’ literacy skills.

Teaching student to reading skills

In accordance with our core company values, our goal is to improve the lives of all children through corporate and nonprofit partnerships, innovative outreach programs, and strategic in-kind book donations. With the knowledge that many children grow up in literacy-poor environments with no access to quality books, and that many families do not understand best practices in supporting their children’s development as readers and learners, Capstone Community Fund donates over350,000 books to children worldwide. We know that as few as 20 books in a home can have a significant impact on propelling a child to a higher level of education…and that’s a great return on investment!


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