Cuna Maya 2015

CunaMaya300x300 A team of 37 Capstone employees spent the day working together in Cuna Maya, Mexico to continue work on the finishing touches of a classroom and library at the community center gathering place. Capstone donated all funds to finish the construction of the classroom and library along with the funds to supply the classroom and library with items such as computers, printers, projectors, shelving, and window coverings. Capstone also donated the money to build Little Free Libraries and place them in the community. Capstone gave over 1000 books to fill the library shelves and provided lunch for the community made by local women with help from the Capstone employees. The Capstone crew worked together at such jobs as painting the newly constructed classroom/library/other rooms, hanging ceiling fans, making and serving lunch for the community, building Little Free Libraries, and assembling care packages with items purchased individually by the volunteers. The Capstone team also went into the community to hand out the care packages to families most in need.